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We stand ready to help you with all of your legal needs

Criminal Defense

We help clients accused of crimes.  We treat every case with sincerity and effort to reach the best possible outcome for our clients.  Often this will be a negotiated settlement, but we are ready to defend our clients at trial if necessary.


We help people in distributing the property of deceased loved ones.  This may be accomplished by administering the probate of a will in Court, or by informal administration.

Wills and Power of Attorneys

We help our clients make customized estate plans that meet their specific needs by drafting and interpreting of wills and powers of attorney for health care and finances.

Real Estate

We assist clients who are buying or selling residential or commercial real estate, often at a significant savings. 


Services include:

  • Adult Guardianships (Chapter 54) - Due to Incompetency

  • Minor Guardianships (Chapter 48) of a minor child

  • Guardian ad Litem for Guardianships, Estates, Juvenile, & Family cases


Resolving disputes through mediation can provide more swift results than the often lengthy trial process. We provide mediation services at the request of other attorneys or the individuals themselves.

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